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'We do not create our destiny, we participate in its unfolding,' David Richo

About me #01

About me

I am an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist, working with individuals and couples. I am a member of the main counselling association, the BACP, and registered with the main psychotherapy association, UKCP.

About psychosynthtesis

I am trained in integrative psychosynthesis. The integrative bit means that my approach draws on different therapeutic approaches, including Jungian, Gestalt, Archetypal and Psychodynamic.

The psychosynthesis bit refers to the school of therapy developed Italian psychoanalyst Roberto Assagioli. This is an approach which values 'soul', i.e. it does not try to immediately 'fix' things but rather explores what the problem a client brings may also be saying about that person's deeper life, his or her longings and fears. By addressing these deeper questions there is more chance of deeper change taking place than with a superficial attempt to cure the symptom.

How I work

I provide a calm, warm and supportive space for people to explore their thoughts and feelings.

I work in a soulful way. This means helping people with what is troubling them but also looking beneath the symptoms to explore what may be happening at an unconscious level. It is understandable that we want to get rid of difficult or painful feelings and experiences. But sometimes we need to try and give a place to these feelings or experiences. If we are supported in facing them, they can feel less frightening and can even become transformative in the longer term.

Because the imagination is one of the gateways to the unconscious, I often work with drawing, dreams or visualisation.


  • Diploma in integrative psychosynthesis counselling

  • Diploma in integrative psychosynthesis psychotherapy

  • Diploma in couple counselling

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